What does a paralegal do in real estate law

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What does a paralegal do in real estate law

Job Description. The real estate paralegal may have to attend closings, meet with title and escrow officers, or clerks at the city planning office. They may also need to go over loan documents, soil reports, well tests, and report on each to their employer. Real estate paralegals work alongside lawyers, helping with any preparation regarding property sales. They need an associate's degree in legal assisting or a bachelor's degree in paralegal studies. Individuals with bachelor's degrees can earn a certificate in paralegal studies with a concentration in real estate. How can the answer be improved. Mar 06, 2019A real estate paralegal assists an attorney who practices in the area of real estate law. This area of law involves the right to own, use, and enjoy land and the permanent manmade attachments to it. She assists her supervising attorney by accompanying him to legal proceedings, preparing legal. The Job Duties and Responsibilities of a Real Estate Paralegal. Paralegals can be involved in any type of real estate transaction. As a general matter, they will be expected to: Maintain correspondence between all parties of the transaction, including buyers, sellers, title companies, lenders, surveyors, appraisers, etc. Many paralegals choose to specialize in real estate law, taking advantage of a housing market that is more often on the upswing. This area of specialization grows very quickly, pays very well, and is especially appealing to paralegal professionals who have an eye for detail. A real estate paralegal is a trained professional who works alongside and attorney andor real estate agent and assists in real estate transactions. Whether its in a court room or at a real estate meeting, real estate paralegals often take the place of an attorney but at a lower cost. Real estate paralegals may find employment with private law firms, corporations, banks, real estate agencies and title companies. They may represent buyers or sellers, residential or commercial properties, and may work with properties for sale, lease or rent. The average salary of a real estate paralegal as reported in Paralegal Careers in Real Estate Law. Real estate lawalso referred to as property lawis a highly complex field of law that requires paralegals to understand the rights and interests of individuals as it relates to commercial and residential real estate and real property. Real estate paralegals work for law firms, government agencies, banks, title companies, or real estate brokers assisting clients in matters involving real property. This may include buying, selling, leasing, and transferring real estate, resolving zoning issues, foreclosing on. The question what does a paralegal do is a very, very broad question. A paralegals duties are as varied as the law firms they work for. The field of law is an evergrowing field, and paralegals are becoming more and more necessary as lawyers prices rise. A career as a real estate paralegal is a great choice for individuals with a strong interest in real estate and the associated laws and regulations. Real estate paralegals must have a solid understanding of the concepts, policies, and procedures of real estate law.

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